September 11, 2007

Kingsport Facts You May Not Know (Or Care About)

This weekend I am headed to Kingsport, TN to visit family and friends. Being that I lived there for 18 years of my life I thought it might interesting to see what factual information Wikipedia contained about the booming metropolis (humor).

1. As of 2000, there are 44,905 Kingsportian's with 93.32% being white, 4.22% African American and 1.05% Hispanic or Latino.

2. The 2005 Kingsport Police Department budget was $8,602,800.

3. On September 12, 1916, Kingsport residents demanded the death of circus elephant Mighty Mary for killing a hotel worker who actually was hired the day before as an assistant elephant trainer by a local circus.

4. In 2001, Pal's Sudden Service won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Pal's is still the only restaurant to receive such an award.

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