October 9, 2007

3 Reasons I Kicked BlogRush Out!

As of today I am removing the BlogRush widget from the right side of my blog that I added in mid September. And here is why:

  1. Stop Saying and Start Doing: Since the beginning I've seen headlines like "Shocking Changes" and "Mighty Phase 2". Yet, I haven't seen anything other than errors when I check my reporting dashboard. And by the way, when did phase 1 occur?
  2. Content Quality is Sub-Par: Each time that I visited my blog I checked the BlogRush widget only to find posts that were either less than average in quality or very similar to the hundreds of spam e-mails I receive daily.
  3. Income, Income, Income: What happened to giving the "blogosphere" a quality product? From the looks of the homepage run by founder John Reese, money is the only thing on his mind. Worry about making the product good and the revenue should follow.

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