October 23, 2007

California Fire Story Continued

Yet another e-mail from my friend in San Diego. It's not getting any better.

I feel safe in my neighborhood since I'm located in the city, but I guess I shouldn't call anywhere 100% safe at this point. There is an evacuation site about 1.5 miles from my house, Qualcomm, which is home to the San Diego Chargers. I feel pretty confident that I'm ok at least for now since they are sending evacuee's there. I am at work today, but my whole floor is very quite as many of my co-workers have had to evacuate their homes and are at friends houses and evacuation centers with their families.

Unfortunately the weather is not any better here today so the fires are continuing to grow. Homes on the oceanfront property in Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe (exclusive parts of town) are burning. They say the only thing to stop these fires at this point is the ocean. San Diego County has been declared a state of emergency. Arnold Schwarzenegger was here yesterday and remains here today. He has visited many of the injured firefighters and patients in our burn unit here at UCSD Medical Center this morning. Matt Lauer from the Today's show was also here broadcasting live. Many people are finding out they lost their homes by listening to their addresses being announced on live TV because they are not going to be allowed back into their neighborhoods until they are sure it's a safe area. Until the winds die down we won't know where the fires will be carried to next.

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