October 12, 2007

Live First, Work Second

YP Commons is quickly becoming one of my favorite blog spots on the web. Learning the nuances of different generations is a coveted pastime of mine and the Next Generation Consulting group does a fine job feeding the need. The latest book by Rebecca Ryan, Live First, Work Second, has become a hot topic on the aforementioned blog and it has certainly perked my interest. Here is a review excerpt from Dave Atkins:

I'd like to get a better feel for how much of this is generational and how much is occupational. If you are a 24-year old working as a mechanic at Midas, does any of this apply to you? If you are a 40-year old in a web startup company, don't you have the same perspective on work and life as the millenials? I'm not looking for an "ivory tower" statistical study, but I question what the cross-generational disparity in opportunity/experience means for community engagement...

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