October 16, 2007

Improving My Financial Situation

Trent from The Simple Dollar guest-posted on Zen Habits this morning about 10 Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation in Just 15 Minutes. As I read down the list I was amazed at how many of the items I had accomplished in the past 2 weeks alone. I didn't realize I was so money savvy.

  • Request a Reduction in Your Credit Card Interest Rate: I always pay mine off in full so this one hardly applies to me.
  • Review Your Health Insurance Choices at Work: My company starts new benefit packages October 1 of every year so I just covered this one. My wife and I decided to go with a less expensive high deductible plan with an HSA.
  • Optimize Your Car Insurance: After recently getting married I tried every option in the book. Turns out I am as low as I can go because I am married and have surpassed the age of 24.
  • Air Up Your Car Tires: I stopped in for "free air" at the Food City on Middlebrook last Friday and I'm now running the required 33PSI in my Michelin's.
  • Replace Your Light Bulbs with CFLs: I embarked on this expensive journey about 6 months ago. I'm happy to report that all of the bulbs I originally purchased are still burning bright.
How many of these have you conquered recently?

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