November 18, 2007

Knox County School Rankings?

Something that has really been on my mind lately is the Knox County School system. I am a product of Knox County Schools and remember vividly the first computers we used in elementary school, the books in the library, and the first day of the school year…a clean school. As the time went by I remember the technology stayed the same, the books got older, and the horrible smell of the bathrooms, just got disgusting. When I graduated high school, I always imagined the school 10 – 15 years in the future and being young and stupid, I always just felt all the schools would be given a once over. But now I wonder…I have a child on the way and just simply wonder how clean my old school is, how advanced the technology is, and how many books and learning materials are at hand.

Is this information already available – does a report card exist for each Knox County Schools? I don’t necessarily want test scores, teacher stats, attendance, or race. I want to know what unique programs have been created, who has what computers, the software used in each school, cleanliness rating, property conditions, etc. I just want a score of 1-10 for every school in Knox County. It seems this would be an important tool and would make for a great News Sentinel story, not to mention great community information.

Any takers on creating this process and implementing a plan? An unbiased committee could be appointed to tour the schools and complete the report card. Then the items could be pooled and posted to a website that we all could review.

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