November 9, 2007

No Thanks Chamber, I Can Start My Own Business

In a world where technology is mainstream, the necessities needed to start a business are for the most part, online. Furthermore, grassroots marketing efforts can more easily be accomplished through networking sites such a LinkedIn, Facebook and more. I use the site Facebook because my theme for this article circles around young professionals and their drive to become entrepreneurs and how the chamber of commerce won't be able to help the next generation.

Sam Davidson recently said on YP Commons:

I can start my own business, I can find people like me, and I can get involved a way that is relevant, quick and engaging. Unless chambers realize that they've got to not only get someone in the door but also give them a seat at the table, very soon, Millennials will be graduating, picking cities and moving around, completely unconcerned about a massive citywide effort aimed to lure them in.

How can the chamber's of the world restrategize now to help the next generation of business owners?

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