November 27, 2007

Shrapnel in the Kitchen: When Pyrex Goes on a Rampage

While cooking Mahi Mahi in the oven (set on broil) tonight, my wife and I heard a clank. I quickly opened the door to the oven to find shards of Pyrex covering the inside. All 3 pieces of Mahi Mahi had come to rest on 1 slab of Pyrex glass while the remainder of the dish shattered amongst the oven. Having never experienced this before I decided to search for an answer. It appears that we're not alone.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Photo by nebarnix


  1. I have had that happen. for us it was adding cold water to an already hot pan. Not a good mix. Or putting really cold/frozen food in the oven in a glass pan, the temp difference with the oven and the cold food could cause it.

  2. Thanks qtpies7. The fish was fully thawed and the glassware was room temp. I think the wife is on a mission to call Pyrex tomorrow.