December 2, 2007

Knoxville Guide to 06 Christmas Tree Shopping

Today I drove down Kingston Pike looking for the perfect Christmas tree - Fraser fur. I just figured we would save you some time, good luck:

1. The further west you drive the more expensive and dryer the Christmas trees will be. Prices out west (All the way to Lenoir City) range from $75 - $250. Its too early to bargain, if you are looking for a bargain might want to wait another week.

2. Home Depot had the best value, but selection was limited for 7" - 8" We didn't hit up Lowes, sorry. Couldn't deal with traffic at corporate America's gift to Christmas - Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Jason's Deli

3. Most nurseries are more expensive, honestly the lot vendors were $10 - $20 too high.

4. Selection, price, and color is scattered due to drought across the board, can't be too picky this year. Watch out for a full tree with missing needles on the inside of the tree, not sure where that comes from, but found a hole there.

5. When someone says the tree is fresh, it may mean it is fresh to the premise...not freshly cut.

6. Mayos both locations had the most helpful staff, selection, and value given freshness of trees versus price. They sized up the trunk to the tree stand, cut on it a little, loaded the car, offered hot chocolate, and gave us a poinsettia. Our Price - $48. Not a great bargain, but given the date and drought...I'm satisfied.

7. Main rule - Tell your wife to hurry up and pick the tree already, the game starts in 15 min.

By the way, best value on lights - Target - $2.00 or Ace Hardware if you want to go more local.

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