December 2, 2007

A new pill needed for inadequate buying experiences

Today while Christmas shopping over and over again, my debit card would not swipe. It seems it was demagnetized. What a terrible time of the year for this to happen. The long lines, the clerks who are upset about the extra labor of simply typing in the number..because I guess it is just too much work.

I hate feeling so inadequate at the cash register, wonder if they have a little blue pill for these inadequate times?

I am the guy who holds you up at the line, that's right I can hear you breathing and talking under your breath. Yes, you should have gotten in the other line buddy! I have tried many things like warning the clerk of my inadequacies, letting others pay in front of me, and even pulling out a plastic bag from the bag holder immediately after stepping up to the plate. Maybe if I just stuff a plastic grocery bag into my pocket every morning, I can save time and save the holiday spirit of shopping for all, while saving myself from all the embarrassment of buying a gift for someone I love. Gotta love static electricity! 7 - 10 days till a new card.

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