October 10, 2007

Lawmakers Seeking to Curb Cigarette Spies

As I reported yesterday, transporting a certain amount of cigarettes across state lines is now being monitored by the government. But there could be some relief in sight thanks to Hendersonville Rep. Debra Maggart and Jonesborough Rep. Matthew Hill. Maggart and Hill believe that receiving a ticket for carrying two or more cartons is absurd and that you should only be fined if your quantity exceeds 25 cartons. 25 cartons screams resell but 2 only says lung cancer.

UPDATE: Take the poll on how many cartons of cigarettes you think constitute a felony.

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  1. Perhaps Tennessee State Matthew Hill is suggesting that the Tennessee Department of Revenue would better be off committing agency resources toward investigating why his brother, Timothy Hill (now U.S. Representative David Davis' congressional press secretary), operatied his Souhteastern Public Relations firm for approximately four years without a Sullivan County business license..

    I do not understand why Rep. Matthew Hill is siding with organized crime on the issue of out-of-state cigarette sales survaillence by the Tennessee Department of Revenue (in the both the Johnson City Press and within his own press release), Hill refers to Tennessee revenue officers as the "SS" for enforcement of the revenue laws imposed on the TNDOR by the Tennessee General Assembly.

    You should also point out here the likelihood of Rep. Matthew Hill passing any such legislation. If the 2007 Non-Smoker Protection Act (bannong smoking in most public places) is any indicator of Hill's chances of getting his latest rant bill passed, Hill was the only member of the Tennessee House from Northeast Tennessee to vote against the 2007 Non-Smoker Protection Act, and one of only ten Tennessee House members to vote against the 2007 Non-Smoker Protection Act.

    Even Rep. Stacy Campfield didn't vote against the 2007 Non-Smoker Protection Act (he was present and not voting).