October 5, 2007

Seattle Facts You May Not Know (Or Care About)

My latest travels will land me in the heart of Seattle. As with Kingsport and Nashville, I thought I'd dig up some facts about Seattle that you may or may not know (or care about).

  1. Seattle is known for being a coffee consuming mecca. Brands born in this area are Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee, Tully's and from what I've read, Zoka is a rising star.
  2. The largest continuous cement pour took place when pouring the hole where the Space Needle sits. It took 467 cement trucks less than 12 hours to fill the foundation.
  3. Seattle sells more sunglasses per capita than any other major city in the U.S.
  4. The Seattle Times recycles 95% of all solid waste generated by their buildings.

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